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Business: How To Open A Cafe in Dubai

How To Open A Cafe in Dubai and Turn It Into A Chain


1. The success of Dubai-based business: What makes Roasters Specialty Coffee House stand out
2. Coffee shops that are already open
3. Roasters Specialty Coffee House Franchise: Benefits for Franchisees
4. What are the business prospects
5. How much does the Roasters Specialty Coffee House franchise cost

The coffee business in Dubai can generate profits starting from the first month! Yes, it is absolutely doable. You just need to know the specific features of doing business in the United Arab Emirates if you wish to take the market by storm and win the love of your guests.

Alternatively, you can simply pick one of the options for the off-shelf business, e.g. franchise of Roasters Specialty Coffee House, where I am a co-founder.

In this article, I’m going to share what this business is all about, what makes our chain different from others, what franchisees get, and which prospects it has.

The success of Dubai-based business: What makes Roasters Specialty Coffee House stand out

Market analysis proves that high-end coffee shops belong to the food & beverage sector, one of the fastest-growing niches. Along with gourmet restaurants, they demonstrate impressively high returns on investment.

The specific nature of the elite segment lies in the fact that your visitors will belong to a specific social circle. At this stage, you can find new partners by means of networking and self-presentation through elite business and figure out what projects and doors you can open next.

Roasters Specialty Coffee House is a mixture of high-end products (and I’m talking not only about the coffee), service, and concept. Simply opening a coffee shop in a popular place is not enough anymore. You have to surprise your guests and grip their attention. And Roasters knows a thing or two about this. This includes unique coffee varieties and perfectly instagrammable beverages. These are also impeccable service, locations, and interiors. This is a concept that catches the eye of your visitors and makes people return again to grab a nice beverage and enjoy the ambiance.

Our chain is developing rapidly and is getting wildly popular among guests. That’s why in the span of two years, we have opened 3 establishments with the fourth one being underway. What’s more, fifth and sixth coffee shops are also on the way!

Coffee shops that are already open

Roasters Specialty Coffee House Al Wasl is our flagship project. This is one of the biggest Dubai-based coffee villas with three floors and 750 sq. m. There is an art floor with tables in the open air and a unique VIP lounge. The first Dubai lounge on the rooftop with an amazing view of Burj Khalifa.

Roasters coffee shop in Dubai Mall, one of the world’s biggest shopping malls. on the first floor with a view of the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. We opened it so that people can relax and grab a cup of delicious coffee while shopping. It stands to mention that we had to wait in line and complete a challenging compliance procedure at different levels in order to rent a spot in the Dubai Mall. It typically takes a year to do that. Nonetheless, we were able to tackle all of that in just six months. This suggests that our landlords also recognize the business development prospects.

Roasters Specialty Coffee House JBR is the first NFT Gallery & Specialty Coffee concept in the Middle East. We are keeping up with the times, which is why we keep a close eye on new trends and come up with locations that reflect popular trends. This is a platform for networking and the exchange of ideas in the blockchain community, as well as the NFT showroom. There is a spacious area with a full menu, a VIP lounge, and tables in the open air.

This type of coffee shop is so popular that the tables and rooms for negotiations, meetups, and various events are typically booked for the next two months. Each coffee shop has its own signature concept and unique features.

We do not copy-paste our locations, as is often the case with chain restaurants. Each coffee shop offers something different. What stays the same, however, is that all our establishments have a high standard of service and exclusive coffee.

Roasters Specialty Coffee House Franchise: Benefits for Franchisees

The franchise is a model which helps push any business forward. After all, speed is everything when it comes to competition in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, we offer an individual franchise package in the UAE and are getting ready to expand into foreign markets.

The franchise buyers essentially get their hands on the turnkey business.

1. We assist our franchisees at every stage from location hunt to the project launch. A professional launch team that has extensive experience in this field will help save franchisees’ time and money thanks to their extensive expertise.

2. Franchisees receive an operation manual covering every little detail of the business process from the concept to the color schemes, work with guests, adaptation programs, and workshops.

3. They’ll get the menu, calculations, marketing materials, etc. It’s basically everything you need to ensure that the business succeeds.

4. Our franchisees will become members of the SCA, a global Specialty Coffee Association. This will unlock access to market research and information about different coffee varieties, auctions, etc.

5. Access to exclusive coffee varieties served only within our chain.

6. We will help franchisees dive into the process, learn the ropes of it and turn them into our product’s buffs.

I would like to mention that we are very attentive to our franchisees, and make sure they succeed at what they do. In essence, their success is our success.

This business involves loads of little nuances and small details. What’s important for us is that the franchise buyers feel that they are in a professional environment. Going through all the details at the beginning also enables us to minimize the financial and emotional costs associated with operational processes thanks to our experience and best practices.

What are the business prospects

We are planning to expand in the domestic market and move beyond the UAE. Fancy coffee shops are a niche with low competition since the business owners in this segment focus on gourmet cuisine and try to win the market using new trends, and Michelin Star chefs.

It is easier when it comes to coffee, though. This is why we intend to take advantage of this and enter the markets of Europe, the United States, and Asia.

I will be happy to welcome everyone who wishes to partner up with us and start a profitable business.

How much does the Roasters Specialty Coffee House franchise cost

The concept we are promoting by means of a franchise involves investments that start at $400,000. It all depends on the premises and location. The fourth and the first franchised cafe will be opened during the winter of 2022. This is a gorgeous place that tourists and locals can reach easily.

Below are some of the key figures to give you an insight into franchise advantages:

✔High returns on investment: 18 months since launch;
✔Sector’s profitability: 25%;
✔The average check per visit: 90 dirhams;
✔Average attendance of 1 coffee shop per month: 7,000+ people.

These are the average figures for coffee shops. You can download the presentation to get more information about each coffee house and learn about all of the advantages of cooperation (things our franchisee gets).

Roasters Specialty Coffee House is one of the few businesses where I am both a co-owner and a client. I enjoy working and unwinding here. When you are a business owner, getting an inside look at it as a client is the right thing to do. You are not fixated on a small goal like making profits but rather see the larger picture of what this specific business can offer you and your customers.

Plus, I’ve never had a more delicious coffee like the one served at Roasters Specialty Coffee House anywhere else in Dubai.

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