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How To Move to Dubai: Ivan Kroshnyi

How To Move to Dubai

This article won’t be telling you what the United Arab Emirates is but will rather shed some light on the possibilities of moving to Dubai everyone has.

UAE residence visa lets you:

✔get a visa for all family members;
✔open a bank account;
✔enroll your kids in a school and kindergarten;
✔formalize an insurance policy.

The foreigners in the UAE have several ways of obtaining a residence permit (UAE residence visa):

1. Working and Starting the Business in UAE

The employer who will legally employ you can help formalize a visa for you and your family.

Free economic zones are the most appealing ones in terms of starting and building a business in the United Arab Emirates. In order to get the UAE residence visa, you will have to make a business investment starting at 70,000 dirhams ($19,000). The company incorporation procedure varies from zone to zone, so I recommend that you seek expert advice here.

2. Real Estate Investment

The investor needs to own real estate based in the UAE whose value exceeds one million dirhams (about $270,000) and have a stable monthly income totaling over $2,700

The property owner gets the residence visa for the duration of three years, granting him or her the right to open accounts in international banks and reside in the country.

3. Scientific and Sports Achievements

Scientific, sports, and other achievements imply that scientists should be engaged in active research in a university, research center, or the private sector, have at least 10 years of experience under their belt, have prestigious scientific awards, or receive solid funding for their research. They should also be backed by a letter of recommendation from scientific institutions recognized in the UAE.

4. Health Care Professionals and Qualified Specialists

Health care professionals and other specialists must work in a unique scientific field or disciplines that are instrumental in the UAE, having at least 10 years of experience and being a member of a credible organization.

5. Jobs for Creative People

This is a perfect option for creative youth. It enables you to get a residence permit based on the fact that you are a freelancer and can confirm that you have a stable income.

People that have creative jobs must be pioneers in the field of culture and arts, have one international award or more. Aside from that, they also need a letter of recommendation from state institutions operating in their field of expertise.

6. Pension

Pensioners who have a solid income and savings in their personal accounts can acquire Emirates ID upon provision of evidence confirming their financial capacity to reside in the UAE for a lengthy period of time and be able to support themselves.

My company can help you move to Dubai on a turnkey basis:

✔choose the right reasons for moving and acquire a residence permit;
✔provision of assistance with renting and purchasing a house;
✔provision of assistance with obtaining an Emirates ID, insurance, and other relevant  documents;
✔provision of assistance associated with enrollment in schools and kindergartens for families with children;
✔tackling household matters.

On top of that, as a part of the company’s activities, investors can get their hands on ready-to-use solutions and plenty of lucrative investment options. These can help them make a smooth move to Dubai and earn stable returns on investment.

Legal and financial and economic consulting, international tax planning, and cash flow management:

✔local networking and selection of the appropriate business models;
✔consulting and tackling matters associated with  renting or purchasing real estate in Dubai;
✔arrangement of family relocation in Emirates;
✔event management;
✔business tourism.

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