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Estate investment and Investing in Stocks

Real Estate Investment vs Investing in Stocks: What’s the Best Option


1. High-risk assets: Why did risks grow
2. Real estate investment: What to choose
3. Benefits of real estate investment in Prague’s suburbs
4. How to pick the right investment project

The world is currently witnessing hyperinflation which makes investors wonder where to invest safely while securing the best returns. Is it a real estate investment or a high-risk investment?

Against the backdrop of a turbulent economy, you should be extra careful when picking the assets to invest your money in.

High-risk assets: Why did risks grow

The high-risk assets are starting to demonstrate yield loss given the hyperinflation triggered by the unstable situation in Europe and across the globe.

On top of that, market turmoil caused a general decline in interest in these assets. The value of startups, which were not the safest investment option, to begin with, dropped as well. The same is now happening to tech companies.

The world is facing such major challenges for the first time since the 2008 crisis. According to experts, we may anticipate severe financial difficulties in many economic sectors. The wide-range sanctions are affecting not only the countries that are subject to them directly but also European countries and the United States of America.

A declining number of contracts, a sigbificant drop in sales volumes and number of customers backfire on the price of the assets. The companies need time to adjust to the new reality but whether they’d actually be able to do it and when is a question that is yet to be answered.

Given the unfolding situation, the investors are exploring new ways to earn stable returns. And this is where real estate investment comes in.

Real estate investment: What to choose

Real estate investment is among the safer and more consistent ways to make money. This is especially true for property investing which is always in great demand.

Europe, and Czech Republic in particular, are especially attractive regions for real estate investment.

Why Czech Republic

That’s because it’s one of the most successful post-communist countries with high GDP per capita, well-developed manufacturing and agricultural sectors and real estate that is in huge demand.

Owning property in this country simplifies the procedure of obtaining the residence permit as well. All of this makes Prague’s suburbs especially popular.

It’s worth mentioning that there are very strict regulations for construction and commissioning of new housing in Prague and around the capital city. This is why new housing is built at an average speed.

However, if a company obtains a relevant permit, the construction will be implemented in a quality and timely manner. Given the pace of construction, new real estate will find its owners in the shortest time possible.

Benefits of real estate investment in Prague’s suburbs

Prague is among critical cultural and economic hubs of the country with offices of reputed companies being located there.

Excellent environment coupled with comfortable distance to the capital’s downtown is the reason why families with children and retired people wish to live here and not in Prague. This makes scenic suburb one of the most popular places to own a private real estate at.

The houses built here remain in high demand among buyers. And high demand is essentially the key to successful real estate investment.

Aside from that, an elaborate  construction approach in the suburbs of Prague offers investors a great advantage.

1. Demand for property in the suburbs of Prague remains consistently high and is largely unmet judging from the number of offers available in the market. Because of the lack of residential real estate, potential owners find the kind of house they are looking for at the stage of construction.
2. Unlike other countries, the Czech Republic is less crisis-prone as far as the real estate market goes. This is explained by a pent-up demand for house purchasing. There are always a lot of families who would like to live in the suburbs of Prague, are ready to buy a cottage here and thus willing to wait for their dream home.

The Czech Republic — Prague in particular are especially appealing to those living in Western Europe not only due to its cultural heritage but also because of the cost of residential real estate.

Another key factor is that the citizens of another countries have had the legal right to own houses in the Czech Republic since 2009. Western Europeans cease this opportunity as they purchase property in the suburbs of Prague eagerly.

How to pick the right investment project

Real estate investment is one of the core business areas of Flexible Investment Solution, the investment fund I am a co-founder of. The company is currently starting a construction of cottages in the suburbs of Prague. The objective is to earn profit from their sale.

The investment fund tackles all legal and marketing matters ranging from the preparation of relevant documents, including engineering documentation, to the real estate sale. All сritical aspects associated with investment protection, along with security of the area, have been factored in.

You can find out more as well as get your hands on a presentation available on the website of Flexible Investment Solution. Simply hit the button to visit the project page.

Now, more than ever, we need to make smart investment decision that can lead to consistent profits while being least vulnerable to global market fluctuations.

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