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Investing in Europe: Everything You Have To Know About Real Estate Market

The real estate market, specifically real estate in the Czech Republic, is currently among Europe’s most critical investment areas.

This market is not oversaturated and only continues to grow due to strong demand and low offers. Presently, the housing shortage is about 180,000 apartments, with 30,000 to 50,000 of them being under construction. In the coming years, this figure may drop to 25,000 apartments. Meanwhile, the cost of apartments in Prague has gone up by hundreds of percent since the 1990s. To put things into context, a square meter was about 20,000 Czech crowns in 1995, while last year the cost already surpassed 121,000 crowns according to the Map Portal Pricing data.

This is an eye-catching and highly promising market for investors. That’s why I intend to do monthly compilations and thorough analyses of the news, figures, and developments that affect investing in Europe and real estate. You can already read the March issue to learn about the latest trends dominating the real estate market, upcoming changes in the Prague’s property market, what awaits the market of existing and new homes, and lots more. Download it so that you no longer have to waste time looking for the figures and relevant analytics online in order to choose the right time to invest in Europe.

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Aside from that, I’ve also released an article “Where To Invest In 2023” which features the benefits of investing in Europe―namely the real estate in the Czech Republic―and properties that will generate the most returns this year. Give it a read! The read time is less than 3 minutes.

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