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How to Start a Business in Dubai Quickly

How to Start a Business in Dubai Quickly


1. An elite coffee house chain is a profitable franchise business in Dubai
2. Why we’ve opted to sell franchises now
3. Opening a cafe in Dubai through a Roasters Specialty Coffee House’s franchise: what franchisees get

People often ask me how I started my business in Dubai, how to run a business in the UAE, what niche is the most profitable, and much more. In this article, I’ll spell out how to start a business in Dubai with minimal time and in a trouble-free way.

An elite coffee house chain is a profitable franchise business in Dubai

Franchise business in Dubai. Ivan Kroshnyi

I moved to Dubai at the beginning of 2021. Almost immediately, I met Konstantin who contacted me through a business club I was attending at that time. He invited me to invest in and co-own an elite coffee house Roasters Specialty Coffee House. As far as I remember, this one was the fastest investment decision I ever made.

First and foremost, the market analysis showed that high-end coffee houses were one of the fastest growing niches in Food & Beverage. Also, they offered high profitability.

Second, the idea was financially attractive in the current market conditions. The highlight of this project was to combine elite coffee drinks with a spectacular location and arrange the space in a way to make sure it’s a perfect fit for both relaxation and meetings.

Third, Dubai is a city that leaves you with nothing but fast decisions.

We opened our first coffee house in October 2021. It’s a three-story villa overlooking the Burj Khalifa, with 130 seats and a VIP room. In March 2022, the second coffee house opened in Dubai Mall—the world’s largest shopping and entertainment center.

The next location opened in July 2022. It was NFT Gallery & Specialty Coffee—the first concept in the Middle East where we combined exclusive coffee and professional networking for the crypto community. This place gained popularity among the blockchain industry members right away.

Roasters Specialty Coffee House is all about the elite segment. We introduce people to the art of elite coffee. Also, we offer them a comfy and alluring space for relaxation, negotiations, and networking.

1. We serve unique coffees no coffee house offers anywhere in the UAE.
2. Also, we roast coffee to make sure we prepare a high-quality product and get high margins.
3. We ensure that our locations, views, and atmospheres are perfect.
4. We use only natural products and ingredients.
5. Our coffee houses ensure that our guests—even being in a crowded space—can have private conversations thanks to thoughtfully placed tables.

Business in Dubai: Roasters coffee shops

Actually, we’ve made the concept of a coffee house broader. And most importantly, our visitors do like it, as reviews speak for themselves. You can google them to get the details. For example, our coffee shop JBR has received 181 reviews as of September 2, 2022, and all ratings are five stars.

Why we’ve opted to sell franchises now

The success of all coffee houses has proved that it’s time to move on, impact local markets more actively, and unlock foreign ones.

We see a franchise as a tool to enable more people to enjoy the art of elite coffee. After all, brewing coffee the right way is an art, just like creating and serving coffee drinks.

Businessmen see a franchise as an opportunity to start a business in the UAE much faster than just starting it from the ground up.

I believe that you can make more money unlocking new markets using a franchise if you don’t have enough capital, time, and management skills to start your own business.

I’ll explain why:

1. The franchiser has already had all the business permits. This way, you save money and avoid trouble.
2. The franchiser has already tested its product and is ready to scale using a franchise model. First, you get a ready-to-go market and spend no time and money on analyses. Second, it shows that the franchiser is a successful company.
3. You’ll be working under a well-known brand. Here are the benefits of franchising: suppliers and advertising—you don’t start a business from the ground up. You don’t put yourself at risk but get a ready-made solution.
4. You’ll be getting support from the franchiser at all stages.
5. Starting a franchise business is often less pricey than opening a full-fledged business, including all prep costs.
6. Opening a business in Dubai gets a businessman a residence permit. Today, it’s a topical matter for many people.

If you’re wondering how to start a business in Dubai quickly and with minimal risks, my answer is to buy a franchise.

Opening a cafe in Dubai through a Roasters Specialty Coffee House’s franchise: what franchisees get

I’ve already described the advantages of how to start a franchise business in Dubai from an organizational point of view. Franchisers’ support programs are one of them. Unfortunately, not all companies provide full support to their franchisees. But Roasters Specialty Coffee House’s franchisees get everything they need to run a successful business:

1. A personalized package of franchises in the UAE and other regions.
2. A turnkey business that includes processes from finding a location and arranging a coffee shop to a business model.
3. A brand book and operation manual that gives every detail of every business process: from the concept and colors to hospitality guidelines, employee adaptation programs, etc.
4. Helping with setting up business processes. A team of 20 people will help you understand all the business intricacies.
5. Participating in the launch process. The company wants all business parameters met.
6. Membership in the famous coffee business association Specialty Coffee Association. This way, you access all-important coffee and market data, raising your franchisee status.

The idea of selling a franchise for Roasters Specialty Coffee has proved popular. The first franchise coffee shop is opening in a couple of months. It’ll be the fourth coffee shop in our chain. We’ve already picked the locations for the fifth and sixth ones.

All in all, if you want to open a coffee shop as a successful brand franchise, I’d like to invite you to join our business. Please fill out the form to send a request or ask your questions.

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