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Why KUCHER ECO"s franchise

Why KUCHER ECO Is the Best Answer to the «What Business To Start in 2023» Question


1. KUCHER ECO: Brand that has been taking the market by storm
2. Why did KUCHER ECO open specifically in Indonesia
3. Why KUCHER ECO: Prospects and benefits for franchisees
4. Here’s how KUCHER ECO’s franchise works: Guarantees

What business to start in 2023 when everything is changing every day? That’s a good question. If you are asking yourself this, you are aware of one of the crucial aspects of starting a business. You need to pick a promising niche that would work under practically any conditions.

But does it exist? Of course, it does. This is KUCHER ECO, a company that produces and sells green vehicles and has a franchise. And I am a co-founder of it.

This business can operate in practically any environment. The competition in the market hasn’t been huge so far and you don’t need to have special expertise to get into it, except for understanding the principles of doing business.

As far as figures go, the market of bikes and motorcycles estimated at $80 bln will switch to eco-friendly transportation in the next 10 years. You have to agree that these are pretty lucrative prospects if you decide to jump into the market now.

KUCHER ECO: Brand that has been taking the market by storm

You may wonder why you haven’t heard much about this brand. This is a relatively young company. My business partner Igor Kucheryavenko opened the first store in Ukraine back in 2020. The growing demand for green vehicles and the overall health trend are what made the store so popular. This is why four more franchised stores opened their doors shortly after.

In April 2021, Igor Kucheryavenko got Kucher ECO Motor registered in Bali, Indonesia. On June 24, 2021, I have already bought out a share of the company, investing over 1 million dollars in this project.

In search of an investor, Igor contacted me with a request for mentorship and consultation. I always make sure to carefully choose investment projects, and this one was no exception. Even though the project was pretty small initially, I did recognize the potential of this niche and how unique the product was.

During the early stages, I helped to «repackage» the company, boost and improve the development strategy, and offered the tools to make KUCHER ECO even more eye-catching for investors.

Why did KUCHER ECO open specifically in Indonesia

The use of easily-maneuverable vehicles on the roads in Asia is highly popular. This is why this specific region was picked out to launch the first product line. Kucher ECO Plant was opened in Indonesia on June 6, 2022.

Another important factor is that Indonesia is the third-largest market in the world in terms of the number of motor vehicles estimated at $11 billion. So, winning this region was of critical importance for the company and it made it happen!

We are now planning to expand into other regions. KUCHER ECO was able to quickly make a name for itself in Dubai. The brand is already registered there.

One of the key drivers of this niche is the gradual introduction of restrictions and bans on vehicles that use internal combustion engines. Two-wheeled eco-friendly transportation will be a more affordable and maneuverable solution, unlike electric cars.

Such a quick brand evolution is also explained by a wide range of products designed for different target audiences. Green vehicles include bicycles, scooters, electric scooters, and electric motorcycles.

When analyzing the prospects and advantages of this industry, I identified several groups of customers whose needs we will be able to meet:

First group: Those who care about the environment and take the usage of green transportation very seriously.
Second group: Customers who wish to quickly move around the city and not be stuck in traffic jams.
Third group: Those who take care of their health.
Fourth group: Those who love taking strolls.
Fifth group: Customers who use this means of transportation for work.

As you can see, the client base is gigantic. Green vehicles are a huge trend! What’s more, trendy businesses can be scaled up quickly. Conquering a country’s market faster than your competitors is a must!

Why KUCHER ECO: Prospects and benefits for franchisees

When I am asked «What makes KUCHER ECO stand out among other brands», I typically mention two of its main distinctive features.

The first thing is that we make the only electric motorcycles that can compete with the Japanese ones as far as performance and price go.

The second one is that it’s a full-cycle brand, i.e. from manufacture to the sale of ready-made eco-friendly vehicles.

Here are some of the key benefits for franchisees:

1. Product features

First of all, as I mentioned earlier, KUCHER ECO manufactures electric motorcycles that can compete with Japanese ones. Second of all, our green vehicles are notable for their high speed and drive range. There is a five-year warranty on the frame and rims.

Benefits for franchisees:
As far as performance characteristics go, our eco-friendly vehicles belong to the high-end products from the luxury price category. However, they are much more expedient in terms of cost. Basically, it is the average price category. This means that the buyer gets a high-quality product priced below the market (if we talk about vehicles having the same features).

With available engineering solutions, the customers can easily upgrade bikes without having to buy a new model, which also saves money.

2. In-house facilities

Thanks to our own production, we ensure the highest quality of our products. Our in-house facilities also enable us to continuously expand the model range.

Benefits for franchisees:
Having its in-house production facilities, the brand can quickly respond to fashion trends and thus meet the current needs of the customers. In other words, while the store owner keeps an eye on the manufacturers that have released the required model type of the vehicle, KUCHER ECO is already manufacturing it and shipping it to its franchisees.

3. Wide brand geography

The first store was opened in Ukraine. Later on, KUCHER ECO expanded into Indonesia and Southwest Asia. Kucher Trading LLC was registered in Dubai and a store was opened there.

The KUCHER ECO network is going global. In the near future, we are planning to open representation offices in the United Arab Emirates, India, the United States, Europe, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and Brazil.

Benefits for franchisees:
KUCHER ECO is an international brand. Hence, the team is working out all the business nuances in every region it expands into. A global network makes the maintenance of green vehicles much easier. Aside from that, when customers understand that they are purchasing a bike or an e-motorcycle not just in a store but from a global retailer, this, in turn, helps build stronger brand loyalty.

4. Wide range of products

KUCHER ECO manufactures four types of eco-friendly vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, electric mopeds, and electric motorcycles.

Benefits for franchisees:
You will be able to meet the higher needs of your customers than just a regular bike shop. Electric mopeds are often used by delivery men. Electric bikes are just as good as regular motorcycles when it comes to speed. So, you will have a greater competitive edge.

5. Comprehensive business approach

The brand deals with both production and sale. These are the areas where we analyze the market, and competitors, and come up with new business promotion strategies.

Benefits for franchisees:
The brand shares its solutions with franchisees since the success of a single shop amplifies the success of the entire brand. After becoming a franchisee, you gain access to materials covering workflow organization and management. The team also helps to figure out the intricacies of this business, and answers questions and guides. This is a critical thing, especially for entrepreneurs who are getting into this business for the first time.

6. Agreement

The company’s cornerstones are trust and mutually beneficial cooperation. That being said, no matter how good the relationship between business partners is, the business must be properly legalized with a relevant agreement being signed.

Benefits for franchisees:
The agreement is a crucial instrument that protects the rights and investments of both the brand and the franchisee. This ensures legally envisaged relations, the legitimacy of the business, and an honest distribution of profits and obligations. All relations must be duly covered by an official document.

Here’s how KUCHER ECO’s franchise works: Guarantees

The brand operates officially, just like all of my businesses. This means that the company concludes an agreement with the franchisee, outlining the responsibilities of the parties, the profit distribution procedure, etc.

In other words, the agreement covers all critical matters relating to the franchisee and ensures the transparency of cooperation. The franchisees are sure about us, and we can be sure about them.

KUCHER ECO is an officially registered trademark. We have all relevant permits and pay taxes. This is a totally white market as one of the company’s key principles is to stick to the law in everything it does.

The business associated with green vehicles is not only about money. It’s about having responsibility towards the planet and the future. A mindful approach to everything we do is already a global trend.

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