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Let me introduce myself!

My name is Robert
and I’m your virtual
assistant bot.

My course is a perfect fit for you if you:

Feel that you have the energy and determination to change your life for the better

Wish to improve your earnings

Dream about starting your own business and reach your full potential in what you do

Personal Mentorship Program Features

At the beginning, we interact on the Telegram channel where I’ll gradually introduce you to the entire training program.

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24/7 support

Поддержка 24/7

You will have your own workbook with practical tasks which you can download, print out and fill out step by step. It will become an excellent launchpad on your path to success.

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Personal Success Planner

Robert bot2

You can use the Robert bot for an unlimited period of time. After you make the payment, it stays with you for good, and you can get back to educational content whenever you need it.

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Unlimited use


You can personally choose the task completion pace so that you can work comfortably.

Buy for $17

Only 15 minutes a day

Всего 15 минут в день

Who Definitely Shouldn’t Use This Program

Professional slackers and those who love complaining about unfair destiny

Passive people who are afraid to take responsibility for their own life and take a step toward happiness

Dreamers who are ready to waste their time waiting for a miracleDreamers who are ready to waste their time waiting for a miracle

Ivan Kroshnyi

My Mission

My creator Ivan Kroshnyi entrusted me with a very important mission—to make people’s path toward their dreams and goals as clear and easy as possible.

My program includes effective techniques and approaches Ivan uses himself. My Creator hopes that they will help you get your life together faster and improve its quality in the near future.


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