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Are you looking for a nice company to do a networking trip with?

In layman’s terms meaning “useful links”, networking is becoming increasingly popular in fast-paced modern life. Joint recreation trips undertaken by business partners are no longer something out of the ordinary.
Businessmen and entrepreneurs mastered the art of mixing business and pleasure for the benefit of their business projects. I, Ivan Kroshnyi, am no exception.

Traveling is a huge passion of mine. I managed to visit over 40 countries despite the coronavirus pandemic.

You can check out the video featuring one of our trips to breathtaking Cappadocia:

Our club arranges networking tours all the time, carefully choosing brilliant destinations.
An informal setting encourages open, friendly interaction which I believe is very important. That’s why I am always up for it. These events offer a unique chance to unwind, learn something new, move beyond the familiar realm, create powerful new connections while helping others, too.

Photos from previous tours

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