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Walt Disney and changes in company

Major Changes at Walt Disney

All of a sudden, The Walt Disney Company announced that Bob Chapek stepped down as Bob Iger returned to head Disney. Note that it’s been less than a year since he stepped down as CEO. What? How and Why? Read in the article.

Ryanair Airlines Report for first 6 month 2022

Ryanair Airlines Report

Over the past three years, a lot of airline companies have gone bankrupt while old ones have cut down on their fleet and capacity dramatically. What is going on with Ryanair? Check out the review to find out.

Ivan Kroshnyi: What’s happening to the U.S. economy

First Bank Reports: Individual Opinion

Profit season is currently in full swing. Coming weeks are expected to reveal those who won and lost the fight for profit retention amidst cost escalation. Some of the most pessimistic forecasts do make sense, though. We are yet to see how far the Federal Reserve System will go in terms of the interest rate increase and whether the U.S. economy will enter into a recession.

Gold: what with yellow metall


We’re in the middle of the year, and, so far, gold has been outpacing many commodities. Among metals, it stands stronger than palladium, platinum, and silver. This moot yellow metal has managed to maintain relatively positive momentum, avoiding pressure from rising yields and a strong $.

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