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Иван Крошный
About Me

Hi everyone!

My name is Ivan Kroshnyi.
I am a businessman, entrepreneur, investment expert, business mentor, globetrotter, networking tour organizer, and participant.

First Taste of Entrepreneurship

Growing up in an ordinary family, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey pretty early. As a teenager, I watched my parents and knew then that I wanted to create a different life for myself. I wished to succeed and make my family proud. I wanted to become a free, independent man who works for himself. That’s how I started my very first business selling computer equipment when I was only 16 years old.

Personal Achievements

I am currently residing and working in Dubai.
In 6 years’ time, my partners and I built an international group of companies bringing together:

Investment fund

Brokerage services

Fintech projects

Eco-friendly vehicles

Catering business

One of my greatest accomplishments was helping a large financial project become self-sufficient within just one year and use revenues to return the money invested ahead of schedule.

Attitude Towards Life

There were roadblocks and struggles on my path to success. I know what victory and bitter defeat feel like. However, this is what made me exactly who I am now.

I appreciate honesty and staying true to your words. That’s why I don’t let myself break any agreements and treat the obligations undertaken very seriously.

Иван Крошный

My Projects

Aside from my primary activities, I have several channels covering business, profitable investment, networking, and travels with a total audience of more than 87,000 followers.

I know firsthand how hard it is to keep moving ahead on your own without a mentor’s support or other people’s help, and what it’s like to work your way to seemingly unattainable goals.

Иван Крошный

Thankfully, I now have sufficient knowledge, core competencies, and experience which I utilize to help others realize their dreams faster and easier.

I have come up with various training programs and video classes where I’m sharing handy tips and tricks, real-world examples that will help you succeed both in life and the world of business and entrepreneurship.


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